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Markers The Marker, divided between ProMarker and Brushmarker are undoubtedly the most appreciated Markers in the world! With a choice of 148 colors, ProMarker Markers are ideal for different types of professional design, and are divided into: Markers Illustration, Design and Artistic Design with highly pigmented inks that can slide perfectly on any surface without smearing or loss of color. The Markers Brushmarker, available in a range of 72 colors, are ideal for different types of drawings made possible by the chisel tip, perfect for quick sketches and extensive backgrounds; and thanks to the practical and versatile Punta Brush, which depending on the angle and the pressure manages to have an accurate control of the thickness of the lines. Much loved by the Character Designer, by Architects, Designers and by the Students of Graphic Fine Arts around the world, the Markers ProMarker will satisfy your needs! Manufactured by Winsor & Newton in its plants, the ProMarker can bring back either on the back or the Letraset brand Winsor & Newton.

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