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Pastel crayons and Crete for trademark design Conté à Paris and Faber-Castell. The best of Policromi Crayons, Soft and Carré, selected to allow you to create wonderful drawings on paper, to be secured with spray paints available in dedicated sections. The pastel clays are available in special assorted, created according to the subject to be created. For example, the yoke crayons Conté à Paris, they are available in assortments for landscape and portrait while crete pastel Faber-Castell are also available in special packages complete with accessories (Blenders, pencils, pencil sharpeners, etc.).

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    Faber Castell create Polychromos single color pastel, no waxes or lubricants. The price refers to a chalk pastel Faber Castell single color.

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    Crayons Tender and Colorful, length 65mm, section 6 mm diameter. Some colors are Carre: specified in the reference color. Used by the greats like Picasso, Degas, Delacroix, the Conté a Paris have always been the crayons for excellence!It can be used for sketches or produce works mono or polychromatic.

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    Conté a Paris Box 12 Tender Pastels  suited to the design of landscapes. The price refers to a pack, each pack contains 12 assorted Conté crayons.

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    Box Conté a Paris containing 12 Carré Crayons assorted colored and classic pattern. The price refers to a box, each box contains 12 assorted pastels.

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