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Conté à Paris Box 5 spindles and Squares


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Conté à Paris, Blister 5 spindles and squares for drawing and sketch.The charcoal fusaggine is the simplest, it is charred branches of willow used always to get drawings and sketches defined.Price for a blister Conté à Paris 5 charcoals fusaggine.

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Fusaggine drawing and sketching Conté à Paris. Since the spindles and natural and not worked, the shape and the size may vary slightly.Unlike charcoal, pieces of wood fusaggine shall contain only pure willow charred, no binder, thickener or rubber.It is natural products which are used always as a solution to obtain drawings and sketches exciting. Depending on the pressure, the carbon brushes fusaggine create traits more or less thick and can be feathered to achieve extraordinary effects.

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