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Elegant pencil Faber-Castell, perfect as a gift idea for a job promotion, graduation or just for a special occasion. The mechanical pencil Faber-Castell will envy of collectors, are beautiful objects to show and just as enjoyable to use. Choose from pencil E-Motion Wood, with fine wood and metal frame, and the pencil Loom in Piano variant (white or black lacquered barrel) and Metallic (colorful stem).

  • 39,41 € 46,37 € -15% Product available with different options

    The elegance of E-motion line by Faber-Castell, with the striking cigar-shaped silhouette in natural wood. Glazed metal caps and end pieces create a designed contrast. Faber-Castell E-motion Mechanical pencil is available in three different Colours: Dark Pear Wood and Pear Wood. Practical and high comfortable grip. Home Delivery at Ground Floor. Email...

    39,41 € 46,37 € -15%
    Product available with different options
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