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Essential Supplies for Painters to keep in Order their own Work Station. Practical and comfortable, the bowls, the brushes and the scrapers which you can buy in this section are not only useful for everyday use but also beautiful to look at thanks to the modern design and sophisticated materials.

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    Special Soap Series 4433 to clean brushes, contained in a Metal Da Vinci box, ideal to transport it and for take Journeys. The Brushes Soap Da Vinci has a high re-greasing power, ideal to facilitate the subsequent phases of the Dressage Brushes for painting. Format with Round Box - 85 gr

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    Faber-Castell artist scraper handcrafted. The scraper is suitable for use with graphite or pencil-sharpening as the true professional artists. The scraper for fine arts Faber-Castell has wooden handle with ergonomic grip.

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    Da Vinci Brush Cleaning the Work Plan in Synthetic Fiber White and Wooden Handle. Ideal for removing dust particles which, thanks to the synthetic fiber, are captured and easily eliminated from the surface on which it is painting or drawing. The price refers to a brush table cleaner Da Vinci.

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