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Liquitex Paint Marker, Markers Acrylics Broad Head 15 mm. 50 Vivid Colors, Permanent Light and ultra-resistant to, corresponding to the spectrum of colors present in Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic colors, Soft Body and Spray Paint. The Liquitex Acrylic Paint Marker Marker are to be used either directly Artists Canvas or sheet is as a tool from which to get the color palette then working it with Brush. A versatile tool and absolutely inevitable between the colors of the most modern artists and contemporary artists' acrylic painting lovers of street art and the use of markers. Can not find what you are looking for? Contact Us!

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    Liquitex Paint Marker, water-based Acrylic Colours 15 mm Nib, available in 50 Permanent and Lightfast Colours. The Price refers to one Liquitex Paint Marker. Professional Paint Marker Offers a wide Choice of brilliant Colours which match Liquitex Colour Spectrum. Paint Markers can be used on multiple Surfaces, also intermixed with Acrylics. Email Customer...

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    Professional Spray Paint by Liquitex water based. Acrylics aerosol Spray 400ml Liquitex, available in 100 colors, completely odorless as water-based formulated  and all mixed with each other or with other products in the range Liquitex. The price refers to a spray Liquitex 400 ml.

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