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Biyomap is the first waterproof and breathable drawing and canvas holder! Thanks to its particular structure, Biyomap enables to store and carry anywhere with it any kind of canvas and art work, protecting it from water, dust, light and scratches. Biyomap is an exclusive product, a real revolution! We chose to allow you to solve the problem of packing your canvas, eliminating the use of annoying and unsightly bubble wrap, gaining money and time! Biyomap is bring them environmentally friendly because it was built in 100% recycled material. The Biyomap features are: - Allows you to contain the costs of storage and transport because Reusable several times for different works - Reduces Pollution and the Plastic Consumption Pluriball commonly used to wrap the works - Makes the operations Packing and Unpacking of Tele much simpler thanks to Opening / Closing Facilitated - And 'the most Comfortable to see than the common plastic - allows you to customize the exterior of the Bring them / RACK thanks to Plastified pocket Front (which allows you to enter information about the work contained in Biyomap or a photo of the same to immediately recognize the content) - It 's  Lightweight, waterproof, breathable, protects from scratches and dust - It has the ability to apply the strap Biyostrap size S or M - and it is made of Eco-Friendly recycled material.

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