Biyomap Protection and Packaging for Paintings and Canvases - DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS There are no products in this category.

Biyomap drawing holders is the friend of the artists and the environment. It is not a simple folder door designs, is not a simple protection ... is much more! Biyomap is an Economic and Intelligent Solution to Protect and Deliver everywhere with him his drawings and paintings as: - Allows you to limit the costs of storage and transport because Reusable several times for different works - Reduces Pollution and the Plastic Consumption Pluriball commonly used to wrap the works - Makes the operations Packing and Unpacking of the much simpler Tele thanks to Opening / Closing Facilitated - E 'Pleasant to see more than the common plastic - allows you to customize the exterior of the Bring them / RACK thanks to Plastic-pocket on the front (which allows you to enter information about the work contained in Biyomap or a photo of the same to immediately recognize the content) - It 'Lightweight, waterproof, breathable, protects from scratches and dust - It has the ability to apply the strap Biyostrap size S or M - E 'Eco-Friendly as it built with recycled material

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