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Why choose Biyomap instead of the traditional bubble wrap or a shared folder / bag sketches holder? Because Biyomap is able to offer 360 ° protection of sheets and canvas and because:- Compared with the bubble wrap is more practical and fast for use in the early stages of Packing and Unpacking work by practicing Open / Close Loop - Compared with standard folders sketches holder is able to totally protect the works from Water, Dust and Scratches from leaving Sweating content and preventing the exudation - It is Friend of the Environment as a product with recycled material - Can be reused indefinitely and avoid the waste of plastic bubble wrap given by - Aesthetically it is beautiful to look at and combines the convenience of a folder sketches holder style of a purse urban - With shoulder strap Biyostrap hands free and can be worn while riding a bicycle, tram, train and on any occasion Biyomap is the smart, simple and cost-designed for artists below!
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