Da Vinci Defet - Water Colour Brushes There are no products in this category.

Da Vinci is the European leader in the production of German brand Brushes for Painting of the highest quality. The quality materials give the Brushes Da Vinci unique properties that allow the painter who uses them to fully enjoy the painting technique he's working on, getting perfect results in the application of color. The Da Vinci Watercolor brushes are the result of a methodical and thorough research that allowed to apply the old system of communicating vessels known in ancient Egypt to a capillary effect, transforming these into tools Brushes for painting watercolors in the most beneficial as possible, and the full potential that the brush offers. The bristles of the brushes Watercolor Da Vinci are available in Pelo Natural Marten (Teacher series) is in Synthetic (Nova series), you simply choose the most suitable to its creative needs ranges.

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