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Da Vinci Defet is the German Brand Leader in the Production of Paint, Fine Arts, Restoration and Hobby Brushes. Da Vinci Defet pays attention to Artists' Demands and produces High Quality Brushes, every Brush is though for a different and particular Technique. Da Vinci Oil Colour Brushes are made in synthetic fibre or Ox Hair and are perfect for detailed and linear Painting, but also for moving large quantities of paint across the canvas.

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    Brush for painting with oil Punta Flat No. 18 Da Vinci Nova in 1870, built with bristles Finest Golden Synthetic Hair and handle Along painted green. Brushes for Oil Colors Nova are also suitable for painting rough surfaces especially since they have great elasticity and resistance. The price refers to a dish brush Da Vinci Nova No. 18.

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    Brush Da Vinci Punta Flat 1887 Ox Hair Light No. 20, suitable as Brush Painting in oil and tempera. The main feature of Da Vinci Hair Brushes Ox is undoubtedly the strength that makes them perfect for use with painting techniques pasty. The price refers to a Hair Brush Ox Plate No. 20.

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