Da Vinci Defet - Acrylic Colour Brushes There are no products in this category.

In this section you can find Brushes Acrylic Colors. For fans of Acrylic Painting, Da Vinci Defet proposes the range of Brushes TOP-ACRYL in Flat version, Language of Cat and Tonda, prepared with "closing" system using synthetic fibers of extraordinary resistance. Brushes for Acrylic Top Acryl Da Vinci are instantly recognizable thanks to reddish brown Synthetic bristles, perfect for paint using colors from the pasty consistency (why these brushes are also suitable for use with tempera). Brushes Top Acryl for pasty Acrylic colors and are equipped with handle Along with hexagonal grip; this particular form, patented by Da Vinci Defet in 1990, allows the artist to paint for a long time by not tire out the hand and wrist.

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