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Specific soaps for the cleaning of the brushes produced by Da Vinci, a leading brand in the production of brushes.To wash and thoroughly clean the brushes Painting and get maximum results is very important to observe the following rules:- Rinse the brush with water after using water soluble colors.- Rinse acrylic paint still wet with water, if already dried out use only special solvents.- Carefully remove the oil paint from the brush using a cloth or a special purifierThe natural hair tend to break if there is no protection of their fat, so to use soap or Special Plants Da Vinci is the perfect solution to keep in optimal conditions the brushes for a long time. You have to clean hair, bristles and synthetic fibers with soap and warm water until the soap produces a white foam.During the washing good rub the body of the brush. Only in this way are to melt the residues of pigments that are deposited on the edge of the ring nut.Subsequently rub the brush with a soft cloth and return it to its original form. The artists call this process "dressage" brush.Let it dry brush before using it again but never place it on a radiator because the hair would dry too quickly, the handle would be well to shrink the brush and start to move!
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