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Painting Canvas - Side cm. 18

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    Pack of Four Painting Canvas 18x24 cm, cotton fine-grained of Italian production, with 20x33mm frame section. High quality canvases for painting to guarantee an excellent product for all professional and amateur painters. Top Quality Italian cotton Canvas attached to the back of a solid frame made of pine wood.

    4,47 € 8,93 € -50%
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    Pack of 6 canvases Value in 100% medium grain cotton, 300 g / m2, cm 18x24. The canvases of the Value and Value 3 D line by Phoenix are suitable for beginners, and made with triple acid-free preparation.The Phoenix canvases are fixed on the back with staples.The 17x30 mm frame, 17 mm thick x 30 mm wide, is made of pine wood.Selling price referred to a...

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    Pack including 6 Handcrafted Canvases Dimensions: 18x24 cm, medium grain 100% Cotton, prepared using universal Primer. The Canvas has a framework section 17x43 mm. Made in Italy handcrafted High Quality. Contact us and FAQs  Email Customer Services: we will answer you the quickest way possible.for more information on any product...

    14,68 € 16,31 € -10%
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