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In this section you can find canvas for painting in special shapes: oval, round and heart. The artist's immagination will exploit at its best all these shapes.

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    Oval Canvas 18x24 cm, 100% cotton, medium grain 300 g / m2 triple universal acid-free prime. Phoenix special shaped canvases: oval, round and heart, are designed for the most creative artists.Fastening on the back with staples.The frame is made of MDF panel.

    4,26 € 5,33 € -20%
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    Set of 6 Mini Square canvases 8x8 cm, 100% medium grain cotton 300 g / m2 triple universal acid-free prime.Fastening on the back with staples.The 5 cm thick frame is made of pine wood.Selling price referred to a pack of 6 Tele Mini.

    10,43 € 13,03 € -20%
    Reduced price!
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