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Here you will find were retardants Slow Medium-Dry designed to increase the Acrylics by more than 40% Colours processing time, offering artists the opportunity to work deeply color and increase in this way the mixture. The Medium Medium retardant is one of the essential auxiliaries, that can not miss in the artist bag that uses acrylics. Through this medium, in fact, you can create Edges Less defined and Forms You shape. Unlike the additive Slow-Dry, the Medium retardant can be added up to 50% of Acrylic Color as it contains a binder capable of preserving the integrity of the paint layer.

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    Liquitex Medium Delay Gel SLOW DRY in 946 ml bottle. Medium Gel Acrylics, extends the processing time by more than 40% of normal. With the Liquitex Medium gel retardant mestica of color it is easier and can be added in an amount equal to half of the color itself without altering the resistance. Price refers to a jar of medium to 946 ml.

    31,58 €
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