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Liquitex Basics, the Studio Acrylics colors created by Liquitex for students, beginners and painters who use large amounts of color who want to then purchase a high quality product at the right price. The Liquitex Basics Acrylic Colors contain the same binder of acrylic colors extrafine heavy body but with a smaller load of pigments. The viscosity of Acrylic Colors Liquitex Basics is less thick than the HB, but also retain both the brush strokes that shots spatula. All Liquitex Basics acrylic colors are mixed together, with other Liquitex acrylic colors and with all Medium Acrylic Liquitex. The yield of the Basics Color is satin, without unwanted reflections. You can buy online the full range of colors Acrylic Liquitex Basics and complete it by choosing between decides to Medium for the painting! Do not see what you need? Contact us, we'll try to help you!

  • 2,36 € 3,93 € -40% Product available with different options

    Acrylics Liquitex Colors, Basics Matt in 75 ml tube.Acrylics Liquitex Color very opaque with finishing matt. Fluid consistency, non-toxic and indelible.Acrylics Color Basics Matt are ideal for those who want a full coverage and a final result very opaque.

    2,36 € 3,93 € -40%
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    Basic Liquitex Acrylics tube 118 ml. Yield satin without reflections. It contains the same binder color Liquitex extra fine, with less load of pigments. The viscosity is thick, holds the brush strokes and the strokes of the spatula.

    4,53 € 5,33 € -15%
    Reduced price!
    Product available with different options
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