Da Vinci Brush Top Acryl 7785 Long Handle - Round


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Brush Da Vinci Top Acryl 7785 No. 8, suitable for Acrylic Painting Linear and Detailed, with Punta Tonda handle Long Hexagonal, ideal for avoiding the hand and wrist to get tired too quickly. The bristles of the brushes Synthetic Da Vinci Top Acryl provide durability and very elastic. The price refers to a brush Top Acryl 7785 No. 8.

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Defet da Vinci designed the line of brushes Top Acryl by thinking for lovers Painting Acrylic and pasty (as tempering for example). Brushes Top Acryl 7785, in particular, possess Punta Tonda handle Along with hexagonal shape that allows to use them for prolonged sessions of painting without the danger of the hand and wrist to get tired too quickly.Brushes Top Acryl 7785 Synthetic bristles are made of high quality, resistant to time and use a lot more than the Natural Hair Brushes. The Shape Round Brushes Top of the Punta Acryl 7785 allows Painting with a linear section and perfecting the details of your painting.

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