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Da Vinci Brush Long Handle Plate 2 - Top Acryl 7185


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Brush No. 2 for Painting Acrylic and pasty Da Vinci Top Acryl series in 7185 with Punta Flat Bristles Synthetic Tan Length of Media and Long Handle Hex painted anthracite. Suitable for Applications of Color Wide. Price refers to a brush Top Acryl 7185 No. 2 single.

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Top Acryl 7185 is the series of brushes in Punta Flat Da Vinci Defet designed to Paint with Acrylics and other techniques of painting pasty leveraging the strength and durability of Synthetic bristles of first choice from the characteristic reddish brown.Brushes Da Vinci Defet Top Acryl are products "closing" with synthetic fibers of extraordinary resistance and have the characteristic handle Long Hexagonal patented by Da Vinci Defet in 1990. This form allows you to hold the brush for long periods of time without the painter too tired the hand and wrist.Brushes in Punta Flat for Acrylic Top Acryl are suitable for painting large surfaces and ensure uniform application of color on canvas or sheet of paper Acrylic.The point of strength of brushes Fine Arts Da Vinci Defet is the care in the production that is done yet with passion for traditional methods and with strict controls and detailed brush to brush.


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