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Da Vinci Brush 10/0 Round Neck Short - COSMOTOP-Spin 5580


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Brush and Watercolor Painting on Silk Da Vinci COSMOTOP Spin-5580 n ° 10/0 to Punta Tonda handle Short Hexagonal designed not to tire out the hand and wrist of the painter. Synthetic bristles of the brushes COSMOTOP-extrafine and Spin are particularly suitable color diluted. The price refers to a brush COSMOTOP Spin-n ° 10/0.

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COSMOTOP Spin-5580 is the series of watercolor brushes and colors very diluted. The synthetic fibers that make up the extrafine Punta Tonda of Brushes Da Vinci COSMOTOP-Spin are suitable to work even on delicate materials such as, eg, silk.The Handle Short of Brushes Da Vinci COSMOTOP-Spin is red transparent and possesses the characteristic hexagonal shape patented Defet Da Vinci in 1990; This form allows you to use the Da Vinci Artists Brushes for painting sessions rather prolonged without the hand and wrist of the painter get tired too easily.Brushes COSMOTOP-Spin, like other brushes Da Vinci Defet are checked one by one to ensure the highest quality, producing professional brushes that become indispensable instruments and really unique.

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