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Faber Castell create Polychromos single color pastel, no waxes or lubricants. The price refers to a chalk pastel Faber Castell single color.

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Check availability under each colour and insert the desired number in the box "Quantity". The amount entered will automatically be added in your cart. You can change it later, before confirming the order. The colours displayed are purely by way of example and not binding in any way.
101 col.white
Disp: 0
107 col. Cadmium Yellow
Disp: 3
109 col. Chromium Yellow Deep
Disp: 5
131 col. Pink Flesh Medium
Disp: 5
132 col. Pink Flesh Light
Disp: 3
136 col. Purple
Disp: 1
143 col. Cobalt Blue
Disp: 1
144 col. Cobalt Blue Green Shade
Disp: 6
145 col. Phthalo Blue
Disp: 6
154 col. Cobalt Turquoise Light
Disp: 4
157 col. Indigo Deep
Disp: 3
176 col. Van Dyck Brown
Disp: 2
177 col. Walnut
Disp: 9
181 col. Payne's Grey
Disp: 1
182 col. Brown Ochre
Disp: 4
183 col. Light Ochre
Disp: 0
191 col. Pompeii Red
Disp: 0
199 col. Black
Disp: 0
226 col. Alizarina Crimson
Disp: 2
230 col. Cool Grey I
Disp: 5
231 col. Cool Grey II
Disp: 5
234 col. Cool Grey V
Disp: 5
235 col. Cool Grey VI
Disp: 5
250 col. Gold
Disp: 3
273 col. Warm Grey IV
Disp: 4

The artists Polychromos pastel Clays contain a high concentration of pigments and no wax or other lubricant; can be rubbed or blended to create fantastic color transitions. Having these crete greater consistency than the pastel pencils, are particularly suitable for both sketches to color either large surfaces.

The square shape is ideal for creating broad strokes and rampant is to draw the smallest details. The Clays pastel Polychromos are also distinguished by their texture and color consistency; In fact, thanks to the high concentration of pigments are inexpensive to use and fit perfectly on paper, cardboard, wood and stone.
The drawings executed with the clays pastel can be fixed with the protective spray, even if the brightness of the color is guaranteed over time. We suggest using the sandpaper to pulverize the clays and mix them with oil, synthetic resin or an acrylic base to obtain mixtures body. E 'can also go on drawing the brush wet with oil; This is a technique used to create a background for the design or to color paper.

The high degree of resistance to light of these clays pastel is unparalleled. On the stem of each clay will find indicated a number of stars following the name of the color:
* Warning: Protect from direct sunlight!
** Prolonged exposure to sunlight could, over time, alter the color!
*** Even direct exposure to sunlight will not alter the color ever!
All 120 colors have a high concentration of valuable pigments which makes them particularly bright. The square shape makes it extremely comfortable grip and it is also possible to almost completely remove the color with your fingers or with a tissue. The color adheres so well on rough paper that is not recommended fixing.

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