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Faber Castell colored pencil single Polychromos, suitable for precision designs as well as the coloring of large areas. The price refers to a pencil Polychromos, 60 colors to choose from.

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Check availability under each colour and insert the desired number in the box "Quantity". The amount entered will automatically be added in your cart. You can change it later, before confirming the order. The colours displayed are purely by way of example and not binding in any way.
108 Col. Cadmium Yellow Deep
Disp: 4
110 Col. Phthalic Blue
Disp: 0
111 Col. Cadmium Orange
Disp: 2
115 Col. Cadmium Orange Deep
Disp: 1
118 Col. Scarlet Red
Disp: 0
121 Col. Geranium Red Light
Disp: 0
140 Col. Ultramarine Light
Disp: 1
151 Col. Reddish-Blue Helium
Disp: 1
154 Col Cobalt Turquoise Light
Disp: 2
156 Col. Cobalt Green
Disp: 0
175 Col. Sepia Deep
Disp: 0
177 Col. Walnut
Disp: 0
178 Col. Nougat
Disp: 2
180 Col. Raw Umber
Disp: 0
187 Col. Burnt Ochre
Disp: 1
230 col. Cool Grey I
Disp: 2
231 col. Cool Grey II
Disp: 0
234 Col. Cool Grey V
Disp: 0
270 Col. Warm Grey I
Disp: 1
271 Col. Warm Grey II
Disp: 0
272 Col. Warm Grey III
Disp: 0
275 Col. Warm Grey VI
Disp: 2
280 Col. Burnt Umber
Disp: 3

Colored pencils Polychromos are considered by artists from around the world with the best tools for the techniques of paint dry. Their high quality standard meets the highest requirements of graphic artists, illustrators and architects that need to draw and paint with precision fine detail as well as large areas. In addition, an increasing number of professional artists and amateurs are discovering the "total quality" of these products, anyone evaluate the results that you get and you do not want to worry about mines that are broken, uneven color or fade, to appreciate full colored pencils Polychromos.The high degree of resistance to light of these pencils is unbeatable. On the shaft of each pencil there indicated a number of stars following the name of the color:* Warning: Protect from direct sunlight!** Prolonged exposure to sunlight could, over time, alter the color!*** Even direct exposure to sunlight will not alter the color ever!All 120 colors have a high concentration of valuable pigments which makes them particularly bright. The colorful designs with these pencils are water and smudge if you are accidentally in contact with it; Moreover, thanks to the patented SV protection of the mine, do not break even when they are temperate. The diameter of the lead of the pencils Polychromos is 3.8 mm.

mi piace

Prezzo ottimo ma imballaggio non sufficiente a proteggere le matite dagli urti.

Ottimo, ne comprerò degli altri della stessa marca.

Uno dei pochi negozi ad avere queste matite sfuse e inoltre l' unico ad averne una gamma così vasta. Ovviamente le matite tutte intatte, corrispondenti a quelle ordinate

per me le migliori matite colorate non acquarellabili

Ottime matite colorate da Faber Castell

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