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Faber Castell watercolor pencil Albrecht Dürer single color.

The price refers to a single pencil Faber Castell Dürer.

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102 Col. Straw Yellow
Disp: 4
106 Col. Chromium Yellow Light
Disp: 4
107 col. Cadmium Yellow
Disp: 3
140 Col. Ultramarine Light
Disp: 0
143 col.blu cobalto
Disp: 0
144 Col. Greenish Cobalt Blue
Disp: 0
145 Col. Phthalic Blue Light
Disp: 0
146 Col. Varnish Blue
Disp: 0
151 Col. Reddish-Blue Helium
Disp: 0
153 Col. Cobalt Turquoise
Disp: 5
154 Col Cobalt Turquoise Light
Disp: 0
157 col. Indigo Deep
Disp: 0
175 Col. Sepia Deep
Disp: 1
177 col. Walnut
Disp: 3
179 Col. Bistro
Disp: 0
181 col. Payne's Grey
Disp: 0
182 col. Brown Ochre
Disp: 2
183 col. Light Ochre
Disp: 2
186 Col. Terracotta
Disp: 0
187 Col. Burnt Ochre
Disp: 3
189 Col. Cinnamon
Disp: 0
217 Col. Cadmiium Red Medium
Disp: 0
230 Col. Cool Grey I
Disp: 0
232 Col. Cool Grey III
Disp: 0
246 Col. Prussian Blue
Disp: 0
251 Col. Silver
Disp: 0
252 Col. Copper
Disp: 0
274 Col. Warm Grey V
Disp: 5
283 Col. Burnt Sienna
Disp: 0

Watercolor Colored pencils Albrecht Dürer allow you to create a wide range of imaginative effects, vivid images and impressions of soft and thin images. The use of the best ingredients available, combined with centuries of Faber-Castell experience, guarantees the superior quality of these pencils when functioning as watercolor. It only takes a few passes with a wet brush on a small surface and the colors are softened getting soft tones or over a wider area to reveal the uniqueness and brilliance of color.

The color pigments are dissolved according to the type of paper you use and turned into watercolor. After drying the color, you can pass above again, or watercoloring it again. For these reasons, the Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils are chosen by many professional artists to define even fine details; They are also ideal for performing all kinds of sketches, studies and illustrations, or to shade large areas.

The high degree of resistance to light of these pencils is unbeatable. On the shaft of each pencil there indicated a number of stars following the name of the color:

* Warning: Protect from direct sunlight!**

Prolonged exposure to sunlight could, over time, alter the color!***

Even direct exposure to sunlight will not alter the color ever!

All 120 colors have a high concentration of valuable pigments which makes them particularly bright. extremely soft Mines flowing on the sheet of paper without scratching it. On a sheet of paper suitable color you can be directly wash with a wet brush. The diameter of the pencil larger than the standard avoids hand fatigue during sessions drawing prolonged and, at the same time, protects the lead from breaking if it were to accidentally fall to the ground. The patented SV protection and undermines the very high quality of the pigments made pencil Albrecht Dürer the most durable on the market.

ottimo prodotto buona resa matite morbidissime che si amalgamano bene tra loro e soprattutto con possibilità di acquistarle singolarmente secondo le sfumature di cui ho bisogno e che uso di più.... sono molto contenta!

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