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L & B Verre Faience & Colour for Glass Opaque 50 ml

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Colors for Glass LeFranc & Bourgeois in Single Pack 50 ml version Verre & Faience Opaque. The price is for a pack of 50 ml. Washing resistant after baking in the oven at 150 ° for 30 minutes.

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Anise 50 ml
Disp: 0
Bengal Blue 50 ml
Disp: 0
Blue Berry 50 ml
Disp: 1
Egypt Violet 50 ml
Disp: 0
Gold 50 ml
Disp: 0
Green Light 50 ml
Disp: 0
Green Tea 50 ml
Disp: 0
Grey Blue 50 ml
Disp: 1
Grey Brown Light 50 ml
Disp: 0
Indian Pink 50 ml
Disp: 0
Intense Black 50 ml
Disp: 0
Ivory 50 ml
Disp: 0
Lavender 50 ml
Disp: 0
Light Blue 50 ml
Disp: 0
Orange 50 ml
Disp: 0
Poppy 50 ml
Disp: 0
Porcelain White 50 ml
Disp: 0
Pure Blue 50 ml
Disp: 0
Pure Green 50 ml
Disp: 0
Pure Yellow 50 ml
Disp: 0
Red Passion 50 ml
Disp: 0
Sea Blue 50 ml
Disp: 0
Silver 50 ml
Disp: 0
Tropical Yellow 50 ml
Disp: 0

Colors for Decorating Glass and Ceramics LeFranc & Bourgeois Verre & Faience are the best colors for glass trade, professional and with high yields. Suitable for decorating the glass but also ceramics, earthenware and porcelain, diluted with water, mixed together, adhering to very smooth surfaces. Resistant to damp and dishwasher safe when cooked in the oven at 150 degrees for 30 minutes.A range of transparent and opaque colors for decorating glass, ceramic, porcelain and ceramics. All colors, made made of the best solid pigments, they can be diluted with water, mixed together and very adherent to smooth surfaces. All colors are very resistant in wet areas (bathroom). Thanks to their formula water based, can also be used by children.Before painting it is advisable to degrease the surface with alcohol and then draw it in pencil. The brushes used to paint with the colors for glass Verre & Faience can be washed with water when the color is still fresh. A painting finished, bake at 150 degrees for 30 minutes and let it flow 12 hours before making any adjustments.

Sadly discontinued by the manufacturer and excellent glass paint.

Colori fantastici. Io li uso in particolare per il vetro e una volta cotti in forno domestico il dipinto rimane più resistente anche al lavaggio in lavastoviglie. Favolosi!

e' come speravo e di mio gradimento.

Il voto è per i colori vari acquistati, in attesa di ricevere e-mailche avvisi l'arrivo del colore bianco mancante dalla disponibilità

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