LETRASET Promarker - Professional Markers

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LETRASET Promarker - Professional Markers.

Pantone Markers Letraset Promaker. 148 Color variants. Pantone Double Point markers, a faint one for the details and a large one for backgrounds, suitable for many creative applications. Ink-based alcohol with an unbeatable performance color. Price referred to a single marker.

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The Pantone Letraset ProMarkers are Professional Markers alcohol-based that can be used on many types of surfaces, not only on paper! The colors are all translucent and can get mixed together (directly or using the special Blender): passing the color at the same point, you get a darker color with the possibility to create various shades, more or less intense. Alcohol-based ink. 148 Color Options Available.

The Markers Letraset ProMarker are the most loved Pantone in the world, suitable for Professional use, for Illustration, Comics and Character Design, and much more.

Letraset uses the best colored inks, the result is that the color flows with a fluidity beat giving a delicate finish and smudge.

The ProMarker Letraset are Double Pointed; on the one hand a fine point suited to the creation of minute details, the other a chisel tip perfect to fill backgrounds. Letraset ProMarker is a marker pen Pantone alcohol-based, and for this can be considered permanent and can be used on glass, plastic, ceramic, metal and many other surfaces.

The ProMarker Letraset are translucent and you can get varying levels of opacity. Unlike regular markers, the ProMarker Letraset are always perfect and do not generate any smears.

Ottimi colori. Lì compro regolarmente e sono perfetti per l'uso che ne faccio

Il prodotto è eccellente, per professionisti e non. Ampia gamma di colorri e resa perfetta.

I colori sono eccezionali, professionali. Una volta provati è difficile poi accontentarsi degli altri.

Tutto perfetto

Non ho mai provato altri pridotti similari. Mi sembrano comunque dei buoni pennarelli

Ottimi prodotti

Ottime tutte le gradazioni. Aumenterebbe anche le gradazioni con i brushmarcher



Lo cercavo da tempo, ottimo prodotto.

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