Reduced price! L&B Inexpensive Oil Colours - Louvre Series Tube 60 ml - DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS View larger

L&B Inexpensive Oil Colours - Louvre Series Tube 60 ml - DISCONTINUED PRODUCTS

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LeFranc&Bourgeois Inexpensive Oil Colours perfect for Starter Painters or Students.

Tube of 60 ml. Louvre Oil Colours.

Louvre Lefranc & Bourgeois, oil paint single tube 60ml. The range of oil paints LOUVRE is the right compromise for those new to the technique of oil painting. The color palette includes 36 colors, selected for the artist who wants to work from a palette ideal.

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190 -105057
Louvre Oil 60m Naples Yellow Hue
Disp: 0
552 -105061
Louvre Oil 60m Sap Green
Disp: 0
Louvre Oil 60ml Blue Violet
Disp: 1
327 -105027
Louvre Oil 60ml Carmine
Disp: 1
542 -105042
Louvre Oil 60ml Chromium Oxhide Green
Disp: 0
064 -105033
Louvre Oil 60ml Cobalt Blue Hue
Disp: 0
564 -105062
Louvre Oil 60ml Emerald Green
Disp: 2
326 -105059
Louvre Oil 60ml Lacquer Madder
Disp: 5
169 -105018
Louvre Oil 60ml Lemon Yellow
Disp: 0
556 -105039
Louvre Oil 60ml Light Green
Disp: 0
441 -105029
Louvre Oil 60ml Medium Magenta
Disp: 0
201 -105023
Louvre Oil 60ml Orange
Disp: 2
440 -105028
Louvre Oil 60ml Permanent Pink
Disp: 0
095 -105034
Louvre Oil 60ml Phthalo Blue
Disp: 3
437 -105026
Louvre Oil 60ml Primary Red
Disp: 0
046 -105056
Louvre Oil 60ml Prussian Blue
Disp: 2
Louvre Oil 60ml Raw Sienna
Disp: 0
478 -105060
Louvre Oil 60ml Raw Umber
Disp: 1
306 -105046
Louvre Oil 60ml Red Ochre
Disp: 0
194 -105021
Louvre Oil 60ml Sahara Yellow
Disp: 0
048 -105032
Louvre Oil 60ml Sapphire Blue
Disp: 2
043 -105035
Louvre Oil 60ml Ultramarine
Disp: 0
393 -105024
Louvre Oil 60ml Vermilion Red
Disp: 3
302 -105045
Louvre Oil 60ml Yellow Ochre
Disp: 1

Ideally it meets the needs of the artist who seeks the best value for money in oil paints. The range of oil paints LOUVRE is essential to discover the art of painting.


E' la prima volta che acquisto colori di questa marca; hanno una pastosità che non abbisogna di essere diluito, senon per creare una particolare sfumatura. Molto buono il prodotto.

tutto ok

Si stende bene e si possono ottenere degli ottimi risultati anche mescolandolo con altri colori ad olio.

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