Reduced price! W&N Artisan Watermixable Oil Colours - 37 ml Series 1 View larger

W&N Artisan Watermixable Oil Colours - 37 ml Series 1

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WN Artisan Oil Colour Tube 37 ml single series 1.

Oil paints Artisan thinnable were produced specifically to use this product similar to traditional oil paints.

As you know, the colors of this article is divided into various series that have different prices. You are now viewing the base price of the series 1. When you insert a color in the cart displays the relevant price.

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In a few seconds you can insert so many colours!
Check availability under each colour and insert the desired number in the box "Quantity". The amount entered will automatically be added in your cart. You can change it later, before confirming the order. The colours displayed are purely by way of example and not binding in any way.
s1 090 Cadmium Orange
Disp: 3
s1 095 Cadmium Red Hue
Disp: 2
s1 104 Cadmium Red Deep Hue
Disp: 3
s1 109 Cadmium Yellow Hue
Disp: 2
s1 115 Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue
Disp: 1
s1 119 Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue
Disp: 1
s1 138 Cerulean Blue Hue
Disp: 1
s1 317 Indian Red
Disp: 1
s1 331 Ivory Black
Disp: 3
s1 337 Smoke Black
Disp: 2
s1 465 Payne's Grey
Disp: 1
s1 514 Phthalo Blue Red Shade
Disp: 2
s1 521 Phthalo Green Yellow Shade
Disp: 2
s1 522 Phthalo Green Blue Shade
Disp: 6
s1 644 Titanium White
Disp: 2
s2 099 Cadmium Red Medium
Disp: 2
s2 100 Cadmium Red Light
Disp: 3
s2 104 Cadmium Red Deep
Disp: 2
s2 503 Permanent Sap Green
Disp: 1
s2 692 Viridian Green
Disp: 4

The key difference between Artisan and conventional colors, lies in the possibility to dilute and wash them with water. With Artisan colors, harmful solvents are unnecessary and artists can benefit from a safe work environment, making them ideal for people who share a workplace, schools or painting at home

Prodotto per professionisti o artisti esigeemti a buon prezzo

qursto colori ad olio q base d'acqua sono mplto comodi per chi come me non ha uno spazio dove poter lavorare.... non puzzano i pennelli si puliscono bene con acqua e la resa é comunque ottima.

Gli artis anche sono ottimi colori a olio con la possibilità di diluire e pulirti con l'acqua . Nessun odore e risultati simili all'olio più buono

non ho ancora utilizzato il prodotto. Quindi rilascio 5 stelle sulla fiducia

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