Painting Canvas - Side cm. 18

Packaging 4 Tele 18x24 cm Fine Grain Frame 20x33mm


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Pack of Four Painting Canvas 18x24 cm, cotton fine-grained of Italian production, with 20x33mm frame section.

High quality canvases for painting to guarantee an excellent product for all professional and amateur painters.

Top Quality Italian cotton Canvas attached to the back of a solid frame made of pine wood.

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Single canvas for Universal Preparation, suitable both for oil and for Acrylic.

These Painting Canvases are cheap because they are No Brand Canvases, built with first quality materials (Italian cotton of Frame of Pine Wood) and include Universal Preparation, are suitable for use with both colors Oil that Acrylics.

You can only buy them online from a single Canvas Painting, composing so your custom set with the measurements you want.

Al colpo d’occhio sembravano poco tirate, ma usandole mi sono resa conto che vanno benissimo, ottimo risultato finale

Prodotto di ottima qualità. Lo consiglio vivamente.

come da descrizione, tutto in ordine

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