All it takes for Gilding and Restoration! In this section you can find gold leaf, silver leaf and aluminum leaf in different sizes, suitable for decoration, Restoration and Gilding signed Giusto Manetti Battiloro. In addition, there is plenty of accessories and auxiliaries for browning, such as Brushes for Restoration and Gilding signed Da Vinci Defet or Bolo and Charbonnel Mission. Learns and refines the art of gilding, a delicate and ancient practice, with the best materials for gilders and restorers available online for immediate delivery!

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    Charbonnel Mixtion for Gold 12 hours in 250 ml bottle. The mixtion to gild Charbonnel is completely lead-free and is useful for the restoration of works of art and for gilding industry. The price refers to a bottle of Mixtion 12 Hours Charbonnel 250 ml.

    15,93 € 24,51 € -35%
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    Mixtion for Gold 12 Hours Charbonnel 1 liter. The Mixtion to Gild Charbonnel is Lead Free and it is useful both for Gilding Industrial and for the Restoration of Monuments and Works of Art. Price refers to a bottle of Mixtion Charbonnel 12 Hours 1 lt.

    46,41 € 66,30 € -30%
    Reduced price!
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