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Mediums, Auxiliary Oils and Additives are specific for Fine Arts, created to modify the effects of Acrylics or Oil. They were created to work the Acrylic or Oil colors prolongs the drying and processing times, to create sculptural spikes of color, to provide gloss or otherwise opacity, to allow either collage on special media or simply to improve the fluidity of the colors themselves. The use of Medium Auxiliaries and Oils should be dosed according to the need of the artist and it is advisable to add this type of products in a manner calibrated conducting trials to test whether the effect will correspond to that desired. Also, it is advisable to use oils and Medium quality labels (as Liquitex, Winsor & Newton or LeFranc & Bourgeois) in order to change as little as possible to the yield of the color layer preserving its characteristics.

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