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The preparation of the paint surface is one of the most important and delicate moments for each artist. To ensure you get a perfect result, you need to use Chalks and preparations of good quality surface, able to give the canvas or support chosen a smoothness, a color or an optimal porosity. In this section you can find the best of Plasters Acrylic Liquitex, both in white black version. Then there is the lean preparations LeFranc & Bourgeois and the Chalk Galeria Winsor & Newton. Then do not forget to check out the special Turapori Gypsum and Gypsum Transparent!

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    The primer thin plaster has characteristics similar to those preparing universal white. More coverage is suitable for rigid substrates. You can apply directly without preliminary bonding!

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    Universal primer powder, Houses Arts, based on casein. Diliuire 4 doses in 5 parts of water. Pour water on the powder, stir the mixture well and let stand at least an hour before using it. For a second state, to mix a dose of sizing agent and one part water. To frescoes: 10% starch and 90% water. Diliuire pigments according to the desired shade and add to...

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    A quality product but cheap for a more professional alternative to plaster. To seal the supports need two layers.

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