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Wide assortment of easels to paint. Easels for painting in wood, available in various models of the best brands for fine arts. In the section you will find subcategories dedicated to: - Studio Easels, the classic model and more solid, suitable for work in the atelier - Field Easels, light and foldable, perfect for painting in plein air - Table Easels, small and versatile, to paint directly on the countertop - Mini tripods, suitable for composing favors or micro artwork - cassette Easel, comfort in its purest form, easels that fold becoming true colors cassettes and brushes to take anywhere with self - stands in Lira, easels for painting with the classic form in a - Easels exposure, perfect for exhibitions and events - Porta Porta Tele and Folders - Brackets for stands

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    Mini Easel with Canvas 16x15 perfect to mark the place at the table

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    Cappelletto, Little Table-top Lyre Easel, 100% Italian Quality and Production, realised in oiled Beechwood, very lightweight. This Easel is the ideal solution to display drawings or photographs. Weight: 0,250 Kilos. Base Dimensions: 19 cm  Maximum Height: 26 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 23 cm Email Customer Services:

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    Lefranc&Bourgeois Table-top small Easel in solid oiled beechwood. Model: Miro. Base Dimensions: 19 cm Height: 26 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 23 cm Weight: 0,250 Kilos Table-top Easel is the perfect solution for who wants to paint having the solid base of a table surface. Email Customer Services:

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    Table-top mini Studio Easel Cappelletto, Italian High Quality in oiled Beechwood, professional quality Adjustable Height. Very useful also as Display Easel. Dimensions: 16x35 cm Support Ledge takes Boards up to 20 mm Thick. Height: 41 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 30 cm, Weight: 0,450 Kilos  All Brass plated fittings. Home Delivery at Ground Floor. Email...

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    Canvas Holder by Cappelletto, the Italian Brand. Dimensions: 31x32 cm Height: 76 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 65 cm Weight: 1,5 cm Aid for storing and transporting Wet or Dry Canvasses. It holds a Maximum of 4 Canvasses of two different Heights. The two Adjustable top Brackets have each 2 padded Slots each holding a Canvas up to 26 mm thick. Email Customer...

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    Table-top Easel by Cappelletto - Made in Italy Quality in seasoned oiled Beechwood, Table student easel, professional quality Adjustable slant from horizontal to beyond vertical  Anti-sleep rubber feet. Base Dimensions: 31x32 cm Maximum height: 76 cm. Maximum Canvas Height: up to 60 cm height Weight: 1,500 Kilos Email Customer Services:...

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    Modelling Turn table by Cappelletto, the Italian Company Leader in the Production of Wooden Easel. This Modelling Table is made in oiled Beech. The Professional Modelling Stand by Cappelletto with square table. Dimensions: 31x32 cm Square Top Dimensions: 34x34 cm Weight: 2 Kilos Height: 15 cm Email Customer Services:

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    Field Easel by Cappelletto, Universal French Model, made in solid beechwood. Base Dimensions: 85 cm  Height: 185 cm Maximum Canvas Height: up to 122 cm Weight: 1,6 Kilos  Closed Dimensions: 87x13x7,5 cm The pivoting support can be adjusted fro horizontal to vertical position. The sliding block allows the painting of two canvases. Email Customer Services:...

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    Field and Sketching Easel by Winsor&Newton. Dimensions: 81x83x67cm  Weight:1,50 Kilos Maximum Canvas Height: 67 cm for painting outside very lightweight and resistant. The Easel is provided with telescopic legs that help to adjust for best working position. Email Customer Services: 

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    Lefranc&Bourgeois Table-top Easel Model:Sisley four different Inclination. This table-top easel can be fold up when it is not used, it is practical and can be easily carry with you during the travel.  Height: 57 cm Base Dimensions: 35x42 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 46 cm Weight:1,40 Kilos Email Customer Services:

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    Cappelletto - Field Sketching Easel 120 cm Height Made in Italy. CS-1 is the stable Easel with adjustable angle. The pivoting support can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal. A sliding block allows the painting of two canvasses. Equipped with screw lever in the center. Dimensions: closed 87x13x7,5 cm  Max Canvas Height: support canvasses or boards up...

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