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We have chosen for you the best table easels. The Easels table Painter are real easels to paint available with the forms of their "big brothers" (the ground stands) but reduced in size and suitable for use over the laboratory floor. Easy to carry, easy to handle and lightweight, Easels table are perfect for those who want to approach the world of painting began to paint at home or in the studio and then all the classics from the ground stands. Also perfect for use by children, for the Painting Table Easels they are often used also as exhibition stands or in their smaller sizes, such as easels to create gift items (eg favors) or ornaments, maybe pressing on it photographs or mini works of art.

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    Table-top Easel by Cappelletto - Made in Italy Quality in seasoned oiled Beechwood, ideal solution to display painting Photographs and Drawings Adjustable Top Clamp. Base Dimensions: 24 cm Maximum height: 48 cm. Maximum Canvas Height: up to 36 cm height Weight: 0,500 Kilos Made in Italy Quality. Email Customer Services:

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    Foldable Easel Cappelletto, Italian High Quality in seasoned Beechwood, professional quality Adjustable Height. Very useful also as Display Easel. Dimensions: 40x34 cm Closed Dimensions: 7x7x47 cm Support Ledge takes Boards up to 20 mm Thick. Height: 42/67 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 61 cm, Weight: 0,600 Kilos Home Delivery at Ground Floor. Email Customer...

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    Table-top Easel by Cappelletto - Made in Italy Quality in seasoned oiled Beechwood, Table student easel, professional quality Adjustable slant from horizontal to beyond vertical  Anti-sleep rubber feet. Base Dimensions: 31x32 cm Maximum height: 76 cm. Maximum Canvas Height: up to 60 cm height Weight: 1,500 Kilos Email Customer Services:...

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    Cappelletto Raised Table Easel, made of oiled solid beech wood, perfect as a semi professional stand. Weight: 1.5 kg, Overall dimensions: 31x33 cm, Height: 74-100 cm; Maximum canvas height: 62 cm; Max canvas weight: 2.5 Kg; Useful shelf: cm 31x2.5; Distance from the ground: 7-33 cm. Email Customer Services:

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    Table-top Easel by Cappelletto. Rectangular shape. Oiled Solid benchwood suitable as easel or display support.  38 cm Maximum Height Weight: 1,200 Kilos Base Dimensions: 44 cm  Maximum Canvas Heigth: 48 cm, provided with adjustable central support to improve stability and with a slot to secure he easel to the table edge. Maded in Italy Email Customer...

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    Cappelletto easel large table in oiled solid beech wood, is the ideal product for the board painting and for the realization of iconography. Weight: 3.8 kg, Dimensions Base: 40 cm, max height: 130 cm, Max Profit Range: up to 85 cm. Email Customer Services:

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