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The Boxes Easels are ideal for artists who travel all the time! In a unique solution you have handy a practical box color and accessories-holder and, at the same time, a stand for Painting (Table or Ground Easel version, depending on the model you choose). Choose the Box Easel for Painting most suited to your needs and fill it with colors, pencils, brushes, charcoals and everything you need to bring with you in your travels, you'll be so always ready to paint or draw wherever you will be transforming your box in a practical support for your canvas!

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    Cappelletto, Table-top Box Easel, solid oiled beechwood with adjustable to any angle horizontal and vertical canvas holder. Provided with metal lined sliding drawer and compartments. Leather handle to carry the table-top box. Table-top Easel is 100% Made in Italy. Dimensions: 65,5x35x5 cm Weight: 4,4 Kilos Maximum Canvas Height: 85 cm Email Customer...

    105,74 €
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    Field Sketching Box Easel by Cappelletto, for outdoor painting among Field Easels. Dimensions: 80x100 cm  Height: 172 cm  Maximum Canvas Height: 85 cm Leather Handle. Solid oiled Beechwood, adjustable canvas holder. The Easel is supplied by a practical box. Home Delivery at Ground Floor. The Package doesn't include Brushes and Colours.Email Customer...

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    Cappelletto, Field Sketching Box Easel in solid oiled Beechwood. Dimensions: 80x100 cm Height:172 cm Weight: 6 Kilos Large Size Suitable for many painting techniques. Canvas Holder with adjustable inclination. Drawer with palette and two extra compartments brushes holder. Brass finishings, leaher handle and rubber tips. Email Customer Services:...

    225,41 €
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