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The Folders holders (or Posters hlolders) can be used as a solution for a neat storage of large format drawings or posters or billboards, keeping them always on hand. The Canvas-holders, however, are real "towers" on which you can hang the paintings in process or the finished paintings. In both case, both the Canvas holders and the folder-holders are made of real wood that makes them convenient to use but also pleasant to see.

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    Cappelletto, Foldable Folders Rack or Drawing Holder, or poster holder signed by Cappelletto.Made of oiled solid beech wood, the file holder has the distinction of being foldable. Supplied in kit removable.Suitable for Canvas, Posters and panels Rigid up to 120x50 cm. Weight: 6 kg basic dimensions: 22 cm Height: 90 cm Email Customer Services:...

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    Canvas, Drawings or Posters.Built in solid oiled beech wood, the file holder is equipped with wheels. Supplied in kit. Suitable for Canvas and Rigid Posters up to 120x150 cm. Suitable for Drawings and Light Posters up to 60x80 cm.Weight: 6 kg Sides Height from Base: 50 cm Sides Length: 70 cm. Contains approximately: with 2cm thick frame 10 canvases, with...

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    Folders door suitable as RACK or Porta Posters by Cappelletto, built in solid oiled beech shaped. Kit removable. Weight: 6 kg Dimensions base: 49x74 cm, height: 64 cm.The Porta Folders PC-6 has a range in terms of weight of about 50 kg, and 120/150 cm in size. Contains approximately: with 2cm thick frame 10 canvases, with 4cm thick frame, 5 canvases.

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