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The Folders holders (or Posters hlolders) can be used as a solution for a neat storage of large format drawings or posters or billboards, keeping them always on hand. The Canvas-holders, however, are real "towers" on which you can hang the paintings in process or the finished paintings. In both case, both the Canvas holders and the folder-holders are made of real wood that makes them convenient to use but also pleasant to see.

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    Canvas Holder by Cappelletto, the Italian Brand. Dimensions: 31x32 cm Height: 76 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 65 cm Weight: 1,5 cm Aid for storing and transporting Wet or Dry Canvasses. It holds a Maximum of 4 Canvasses of two different Heights. The two Adjustable top Brackets have each 2 padded Slots each holding a Canvas up to 26 mm thick. Email Customer...

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    Cappelletto, Print Rack. Base Dimensions: 70x50 cm Height: 70 cm Weight: 6 Kilos. The solution to keep canvases, boards and drawings. Brass plated castors and rubber anti-slip tips. Made in oiled beechwood. Supplied in kit form. Email Customer Services:

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    Folders door suitable as RACK or Porta Posters by Cappelletto, built in solid oiled beech shaped. Kit removable. Weight: 6 kg Dimensions base: 49x74 cm, height: 64 cm.The Porta Folders PC-6 has a range in terms of weight of about 50 kg, and 120/150 cm in size. Email Customer Services:

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