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Rolled Canvas 100% Cotton, prepared with Universal Primer or Gesso Preparation. Length: 10m Height: 210 cm. On Demand available 100% Linen Canvas.

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    Standard Rolled Canvas dimensions: 10 x 1,5 m height, composition: 80% Cotton and 20% synthetic material realised with universal preparation, medium grain. Universal preparation canvas is suitable for many different painting techniques, from oil to acrylic colour. It is recommended for who likes to blend different painting techniques. E-mail Customer...

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    Rolled Canvas for painting, medium Cotton, Universal Preparation. Dimensions: 25 m x 1,5 m height. Made in Italy High Quality Production. Universal Preparation Canvas can be used with different painting Techniques, from acrylic to oil colours. It is suitable also for who likes to mix different painting techniques E-mail Customer Service:...

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    Lefranc&Bourgeois: Rolled Canvas 10 length x 2,1 mt height  100% Cotton, gesso preparation. The Canvas is very lightweight and the gesso preparation gives it a higher absorbency power. It is suitable for painting techniques which use water, such as watercolour, gouache and also for fluid acrylic colours. Email Customer Service:

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