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ONLY High Italian Quality!

These are our easels for painting. Designed and built one by one in carpentry for all the needs of an amateur or professional artist.

The Easels are of Italian artisanal production, made with high quality that guarantees you stability when you paint and an infinite duration.

If you are looking for a beautiful, usable and solid product for your needs, then choose one of our easels.

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  • 40,90 € In Stock

    Modelling Turn table by Cappelletto, the Italian Company Leader in the Production of Wooden Easel. This Modelling Table is made in oiled Beech. The Professional Modelling Stand by Cappelletto with square table. Dimensions: 31x32 cm Square Top Dimensions: 34x34 cm Weight: 2 Kilos Height: 15 cm Email Customer Services: customer@fineartsmart.com

    40,90 €
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  • 43,44 € In Stock

    Cappelletto Raised Table Easel, made of oiled solid beech wood, perfect as a semi professional stand. Weight: 1.5 kg, Overall dimensions: 31x33 cm, Height: 74-100 cm; Maximum canvas height: 62 cm; Max canvas weight: 2.5 Kg; Useful shelf: cm 31x2.5; Distance from the ground: 7-33 cm. Email Customer Services: customer@fineartsmart.com

    43,44 €
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  • 45,90 € In Stock

    Table-top Easel by Cappelletto. Rectangular shape. Oiled Solid benchwood suitable as easel or display support.  38 cm Maximum Height Weight: 1,200 Kilos Base Dimensions: 44 cm  Maximum Canvas Heigth: 48 cm, provided with adjustable central support to improve stability and with a slot to secure he easel to the table edge. Maded in Italy Email Customer...

    45,90 €
    In Stock
  • 48,36 € In Stock

    Cappelletto Lyre Easel Dimensions: 65x115 cm (Width-Height) Weight: 3 Kilos Maximum Canvas Height: 115 cm in seasoned beechwood, with  shelf adjustable to 6 different positions, from 60 cm up to 97 cm starting from the ground. It can be easily fold up and is provided by a handle to carry it during the travel. Designed for display use. Email Customer...

    48,36 €
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  • 51,64 € In Stock

    Field Easel Cappelletto, with two folding shelf bratchets to hold a colour box. Base Dimensions: 85 cm  Height: 185 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 112 cm Weight: 1,8 Kilos The pivoting support can be adjusted fro horizontal to vertical position. Strong strap secures the easel while carrying, the sliding block allows the paiting of two canvases. Email Customer...

    51,64 €
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  • 67,21 € In Stock

    Exhibition Easel by Cappelletto. Dimensions: 59x150 cm Maximum Canvas Height: up to 120 cm  Weight: 5 Kilos Exhibition Easel is provided with a deep support ledge adjustable for height. Stable "A" Frame construction can be folded flat for storage. In seasoned Beech,oil finish. Home Delivery at Ground Floor.

    67,21 €
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  • 72,95 € In Stock

    Cappelletto easel large table in oiled solid beech wood, is the ideal product for the board painting and for the realization of iconography. Weight: 3.8 kg, Dimensions Base: 40 cm, max height: 130 cm, Max Profit Range: up to 85 cm. Email Customer Services: customer@fineartsmart.com

    72,95 €
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  • 77,87 € In Stock

    Cappelletto, Foldable Folders Rack or Drawing Holder, or poster holder signed by Cappelletto.Made of oiled solid beech wood, the file holder has the distinction of being foldable. Supplied in kit removable.Suitable for Canvas, Posters and panels Rigid up to 120x50 cm. Weight: 6 kg basic dimensions: 22 cm Height: 90 cm Email Customer Services:...

    77,87 €
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  • 81,89 € In Stock

    Exhibition Lyre Beechwood Easel by Cappelletto. Dimensions: 129x61x142 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 150x180 cm  Weight: 9,25 Kilos  Exhibition Easel can be fold down with a double hinge and replaced in few seconds. The lowest peg is 33 cm from the ground, provided with 5 holes in 15 cm increments. Email Customer Services: customer@fineartsmart.com

    81,89 €
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  • 86,89 € In Stock

    Field and Sketching Easel by Cappelletto, Giant DeLuxe Model, with a extra stable Canvas Holder. Base Dimensions: 88 cm, Height: 185 cm Maximum Canvas Height: 110 cm Weight: 4 Kilos. In solid beechwood with adjustable inclination in every position, from horizontal to vertical. Email Customer Services: customer@fineartsmart.com

    86,89 €
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  • 89,34 € In Stock

    Cappelletto - Lyre Easel 165/230 cm Kit Lyre Easel with a deep adjustable support ledge. The ideal Solution to Display and Working. Support ledge can be adjusted on a ratchet. Rear Support leg folds flat for easy storage. Made in seasoned beech oiled finished. Kit stand for flat pack, easy to handle and flat for storage. Assemby required. Email Customer...

    89,34 €
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  • 97,54 € In Stock

    Cappelletto Lyre Easel - New Model of Lyre Easel flat support. Stable canvas support for easy painting. Deep support ledge adjustable for height, the ideal solution for displaying and working, made in seasoned beech. Dimensions: 59x150 cm Height: 165/230 cm Max Canvas Height: up to 130 cm Weight: 6,3 Kilos. Kit stand for flat pack. Email Customer...

    97,54 €
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