Cappelletto Table Stand Raised 74 cm


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Cappelletto Raised Table Easel, made of oiled solid beech wood, perfect as a semi professional stand. Weight: 1.5 kg, Overall dimensions: 31x33 cm, Height: 74-100 cm; Maximum canvas height: 62 cm; Max canvas weight: 2.5 Kg; Useful shelf: cm 31x2.5; Distance from the ground: 7-33 cm.

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The CT-5 stand, supplied already assembled in all its parts, has a square base with non-slip rubber pads for excellent stability and adherence to the support surface. Thanks to the adjustable inclination of the frame and the height adjustment of the shelf, the canvas is able to have an optimal position against the reflections of light; this means that the CT-5 is a semi-professional tripod.

It can also be folded with one easy movement, to occupy a minimum space.

Easels for Painting, Table, Exposure, and a wide range of articles for the fine arts and design. Cappelletto trestles are patented and certified. The Cappelletto Cavalletti workmanships are performed with traditional methods and coexist to a modern technological innovation that allows to obtain high quality products.

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